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Xywrite III+ technical question

On 9-NOV-1995 13:55:11.0 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >I am working on a manuscript and the copyeditor wants the footnote
  >number not to be raised above the line, both in the text, and at the
  >place the footnotes get printed out. He also wants a period after
  >each footnote at the place it gets printed out, but I think this is
  >not possible.
  >Can you help and let me know how to get the footnote number flush with
  >the line of text?

  Elinor Levine,

  David Auerbach's post to you is right on target, IMHO.
HOwever: your ms. editor is a blithering idiot. While of course
you want the figures "lining" in the notes, how are they to be
distinguished in the text area if they are not raised? Perhaps
he intends to use a different typeface?? The whole thing sounds
nonsensical to me.
In short, you should reject his dictum summarily. Tell him you
want superscript callouts. (And I am in the biz!)
  Now here's a tech. tip: Dump the embedded notes into a file
of their own. Or ask your schlub of a ms. editor to do it.
Please e-mail me privately at my office account,
lb136@xxxxxxxx and I shall endeavor to explain further. And
I mean _you_ Elinor. From him, I don't want to hear.


Leslie Bialler
Columbia University Press

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