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Re: Backup

                         Michael Edwards.

[Bill Troop:]

>Optical storage is much more reliable.
>Even worse than tape, of course, is a 'removable hard
>drive cartridge' such as Jaz. Avoid at all costs!

   It may be ignorant of me, but could I please ask what is wrong with this?
A while ago I bought a Zip drive with some disks to back up, but haven't
actually done it yet. If there is any reason why I shouldn't use this, and
should consider buying another system, I'd appreciate knowing what it is.
   I considered using a C.D. rewriteable drive, but was told that Windows 95
wouldn't support it properly, and I'd have to upgrade to Windows 98, and I just
can't see myself facing the complexities of upgrading to Windows 98 in the near
future, with the problems of sorting out my data files from Windows stuff,
preserving dozens of program settings, and so on. I partly chose the Zip drive
because, all things considered, it seemed the only system I was likely to be
able to prepare for reasonably soon.
   So should I reconsider, even though I've spent money on the Zip system?

   As an afterthought, a system which can run on a DOS computer would be
useful. My arrangements for what operating system or computer to use for what
programs and tasks are a bit undecided at the moment, but I am highly likely to
continue running at least one computer on DOS 6.22 for some of the DOS programs
I expect to continue using - including XyWrite, which doesn't seem to be working
quite properly on my Windows 95 laptop, although I'm still in the very earliest
stages of experimenting with it. I suspect it conflicts with Windows somehow,
   Any ideas or thoughts on backing up, and on whether XyWrite should be run
with DOS or Windows, would be much appreciated, thanks.

             Michael Edwards.