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Re: Playing with LaTeX

I think youre right. . . I still have the disk, in one of three places, , , :-) But I dont remember you as being at U of T. I would have guessed maybe Waterloo. Or Guelph. (Or whatever suddenly comes to me someday when Im running the dogs.)

After switching to Macs, and then investing heavily in Mac photographic software, I did most of my
work in RTF or, if I wanted it to look both good and consistent, LaTeX edited with TexShop. Most
material goes to my classes in PDF form. No matter what I say or ask, 90% of law students simply
cannot grasp the idea of sharing/submitting files in RTF.

Although I am almost exclusively wordy, Id like to see what youve done with modes and LaTeX
code. Ill dig out your disk if youre still doing pretty much the same thing.

now retired from UNB Law

> I think that was me ... You're right that LaTeX-specific editors have some useful features. But none has the speed and flexibility of XyWrite, which I still use to edit LaTeX files. I don't work with the raw LaTeX code. I've adapted XyWrite's modes to display LaTeX code in a much more readable way, and use a simple script (summoned by a single keystroke) to convert such files to raw LaTeX. My system is tailored to my own needs, which means that it is oriented to mathematical text, but if anyone is interested in the details, I'll be happy to elaborate.
> I use a very similar system to convert XyWrite files in essentially the same format to HTML. For example, the source files for all the pages in my math tutorial
> http://mjo.osborne.economics.utoronto.ca/index.php/tutorial/index/1/int/i
> are XyWrite files.
> Martin
> On 29/01/2016 11:48 AM, Myron Gochnauer wrote:
>> Many years ago a professor from one of the Ontario universities sent
>> me a floppy disk with a number of LaTeX-related utilities.
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> Martin J. Osborne
> http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/osborne