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Re: Small problem with U2 routine

Dear Carl

That works perfectly, thanks.

I have one other slightly odd issue that you might be able to shed light
on. When I issue WordCount (WC)-Enter Key from the command line I get
no reply on the status bar. However if I place WC on the command line
and use F9 I do get a word count on the status bar. Is that normal?


On 20/12/2018 03:02, cld@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Reply to note from "Paul Breeze" 
(Redacted sender "paul.breeze" for DMARC) Wed, 19 Dec 2018 18:05:50



Turned out it was easier to rewrite the routine (WCAF) from scratch
than to ferret out the bug. It's faster now, too. Usage is unchanged.
Upgrade to the latest release of U2:


Let me know if it works -- or doesn't.