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** Reply to message from Harry Binswanger  on
Mon, 04 Aug 2008 00:35:29 -0400

> Just to be perfectly clear: is 
> it all right to edit with keys that have $K loaded onto them, provided I 
> don't command UnDo or ReDo?

Yes.  Perfectly fine.  This restriction applies only to a file
that has an _index_ at the end, after the EOF character.  The
only files that have an index are loaded Help files:  DLG and
U2.  So don't UnDo|ReDo with DLG or U2.

> KUD works only with the $T method?

It's only needed with the Timed method.  ($T doesn't exist

> How do I turn off UNDO2 when I'm 
> using the $K method? And how do I re-activate it?

There's nothing to turn off or re-activate.  UnDo.exe runs on a
one-off basis with func $K -- i.e., each time you (your KBD
actually) command $K, UnDo runs momentarily, then it quits.


Robert Holmgren