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RE: Using XyWrite with XP OS

I have, of course, heard of a dual monitor
setup but never really paid much attention to the details as to how you
actually make it work. I now have a matched set of 19 inch crt monitors and
plenty of desk space. This thread got me to thinking maybe I should give it
a try. But I recently bought a new video card, and if I have to buy another
new card...well I'm not so sure I want to spend the money. I'm guessing
there's no such thing as a "splitter" to use on my single port?

Hmmm. Checking the web, I see you may be right. There is a splitter cable for under $3, but I doubt it will allow the splitting across two monitors that I have:


So maybe my recommendation of dual monitors applies only to those with the latest dual graphics cards or those with laptops.

Harry Binswanger