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Re: 12000 lines?

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Mon, 16 Nov 1998 10:14:13 -0500

> I forget the origins of this thread, but in Xy4 won't the LN command
> (that is, the line numbering command) automate much of this?

The only problem with LN is, it isn't editable (as a workable solution using
Page-Line mode would be -- if you could get it to go on and on ad infinitum, past
273 lines or whatever the limit is for a single page). But for what it does, LN
works. You can always get a numbered copy of your text on the fly using TYS

One note I made in my manual years ago was that you need to specify the LN switches
in exactly the order mentioned in the manual to get them to take effect. My
default commands were
LN is not as miraculous as it might seem; all LN is
doing is counting up the DOS line endings (carrage returns) in REVIEW.TMP. Big

I liked the suggestion here yesterday of George Scithers that you set the PL
to 100,100,100, and just multiply by the page number. Now that's practical!
You could leave your horizontal formats as-is, and use vertical formats such as
and then use the GO command to roar around your document: GO 3-22 goes to
line 322. Fabulous idea.

Robert Holmgren