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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly--third try

I patched the XyQuest version of hardcode.pm, replacing "fix"
with }*{ and changing VAAO to VAAOT. It seems to work OK, but I
just discovered another bug: it does not correctly translate the
Speedo smart quote characters 264 and 265. Another legacy of Xy3,
no doubt.

At first I thought it might be the ad hoc printer file that hardcode loads, but even with Xy re-started and my regular prn file (Postghst) loaded, the smart quotes (and several accented letters) are just black blocks.

So that means, what? I have to run markup, then hardcode, then SA/HTML if I'm to get this piece into HTML. (Because SA/RTF does not correctly handle muti-level autoincrementing codes. Neither, for that matter, does WordImPerfect, which insists it knows better than I how I want to style them: fonts, indents, etc.)

In fact, Xy is the ONLY program I know of that doesn't make mice feet of autocounters. Perhaps it would be possible to create a hardcode.prn that did what it's supposed to but also recognized High-Order Speedos chars?