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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly--third try

Carl Distefano wrote:

VA AO (upper or lower case) returns Autosave time values in Xy3.
Replaced by VA AOT in Xy4. (VA AOP returns the Autosave Path in

Then it should be simple to replace the instance of VAAO with
VAAOT, for those who want markers. It looks as if it's in there to
prevent any setting's mucking up the necessary file-saving routine.

That "fix" business
in HARDCODE.PGM is the pits, BTW.

Now I think of it, it sure is. How could anyone not realize that
a common term life "fix" might not occur in a piece of writing?
Temporary place markers and the like should always be gibberish
or nonsense to be sure they don't occur in the text. Esp. if
you're going to CI them to zilch!

Patricia M. Godfrey