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Re: 64 or 32 bit Win 7

Robert Holmgren wrote:
** Reply to message from J R FOX  on Wed, 12
May 2010 10:54:44 -0700 (PDT)
... but I think you're comparing bumble bees
to locomotives: misunderstanding what *nix does and why it is
used. For the most part, Unix/Linux is harnessed to a huge
range of very narrowly defined purposes. Most installations
devote all resources to a very few jobs. But they do those jobs
with unmatched efficiency and a degree of manual control that no
other operating system offers.
just because diesel engines have traditionally not used in conventional
automobiles, does that mean they never should be? should I never
"borrow" some robustness for free, with the help of GUI environments
that have evolved quite usefully? in fact Gnome is very appealing and
gives me everything I want in a graphical environment, and it's got
industrial strength -- in the year and a half since I've been using
Ubuntu in earnest, I have never had to power down the computer -- not
the case when I was using Suse occasionally.
I don't relish educating people who have no business experimenting with
a computer system if they don't understand they must educate themselves
to use it. I guess to that degree I concur with your judgement it's not
for everyone. but if you're willing to read a book or two, and know
exactly what you want, it's a great solution. in my limited experience,
Linux wasn't particularly end-usable (for me) until recently, but right
now it is, and it is in large part because people who aren't sysadmins
are seeing -- and contributing to -- its value, strangely almost as an
echo of/answer to Jobs' co-opting of FreeBSD.

rafe t.