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Re: off Topic: PINE

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001 21:26:49 -0500, Bill Troop wrote:

>I highly recommend Eudora for Win and Mac. I
>now used it in sponsored mode; the sponsoring is
>so discreet I actually welcome it.

PMMail is another email program. I have used it for a decade, watching as it evolved from an OS/2 utility to a Windoz program. It's nearly flawless. I like it better than Eudora, and vastly better than Outlook. One huge advantage, viruses that exploit Eudora or Outlook, aren't programmed to affect PMMail. Hence, I remain virus free, so long as I don't open suspicious attachments. And when I did only Outlook got corrupted, and since it isn't my default mailer, nothing happened.

This is written in PMMail. It's URL is www.pmmail2000.com, though you can back up to home pages for other operating systems (than Win2K) from there.

Happy New Year to all,

--Ed Germain

(oh, and it's very easy to quickly build filters to move, sort, screen or delete incoming/outgoing msgs.)