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Re: XYwrite on OS2 now in OEM

David Auerbach says of TTG:

>> They've written a windows version that doesn't sell and isn't
very good.<<


I use XyWIN now for all my letter and memo writing. I used
Notabene 4.2 for my research and publication writing because of
the 10 year investment I have in Orbis and Ibid databases. As
soon as TTG ports
Orbis and Ibid to XyWIN I will move over to XyWIN for everything
(unless some arrangement is made with Notabene in which they will
release a version of XYWIN as NBWIN, and provide special
attention to the needs of writing for scholarly publication.) All
the components are there (in my opinion) for XyWIN or NBWIN to
indeed work and sell very well. I am even optimistic (a little).
It would be nice to have an encouraging word from
Ken Frank. My main point, however, is to disagree with your
assessment of XyWIN. I use version 4.11, with 4.12 on order. I
think it works well (and it sold well--at least to me.) 

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