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names in xywrite

In response to the recent discussion about names and address lists in
XyWrite let me share my own experience.

While I own Orbis, Ibid, and Ibid Plus, I have found only Orbis to be
worth the trouble. Ibid has been a pain, and Ibid Plus
(which I purchased just for its non-text database functions) has been
removed from my machine. It appears to be quite bugged, and it would
**regularly** lock-up Xywrite.

What I now use is DBQuick (from Alpha Software). DBQuick is a TSR that
takes up all of 18K. I run it and Xy4 under OS2, and they work
together flawlessly.

From any place in Xywrite I can access any of my dbase files (DBQuick
reads Dbase III, Dbase IV, and Alpha4 files). I can use a variety of
search techniques, dial a phone number from within Xywrite, and -- most
important for my use -- easily "stuff" a name and address into a
Xywrite document. It's also quite easy to import multipile records which
I then format within Xy4 and print out as my address book.

I just run a batch file from my Xy/Os2 icon. I load
DBquick and then Xy4. I have never had a problem. (Were only Ibid this
bug-free and compatible with Xywrite.) I think I paid about $40 for the

Phil Ferreira
Dept. of Philosophy
Kutztown University