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Re: Puzzling lack of F8

As you suggested, I sorted out the path problems, and now am getting "No printer file loaded. Cannot go into graphics view."

Waddoo I do now?

≪As long as we're on the subject, I can't get graphic view anymore. The
status line returns "No screen fonts. Cannot go into graphics view." The
keyboard file for shift+F8 says 66=XH,WZ. Any help?≫
Sound as if one of two things is off: 1) your SETTINGS.DFL is not correctly pointing to the location of your screenfonts. Mine reads like this:

; Location of outline screen fonts
; Location of SCRFONTS.BIN
See where your BTFONTS directory is and make sure it's accurately referenced in SETTINGS.dfl.
2) You don't have a printer driver loaded. But I think not, because IIRC
the error message then is something like "No printer file loaded."

Patricia M. Godfrey