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Re: Accents (in U2)

At 1/2/2003 04:53 PM -0500, Robert Holmgren wrote:
Which specific PRN file are you looking for -- or rather, for which machine?
There isn't any place to go for the "latest" PRNs. But many users have them.
I've just ordered an HP LJ 2200D (duplex). And I'm trying to figure out
which XyDos .prn file to use. Should I simply try the last (latest) HP
laser file TTG issued? Frankly I stumbling in the dark on this...as usual.
I looked at your Havens "Appendix". There are more options than he mentions.
Crucial questions: What font do you intend to use? You say you only use
one... Which printer, which font. Gotta know.
It will be the Laserjet 2200D soon, the HPIIIP for now, and I print
manuscripts in:
df uf=standard (courier)
df sy=23z,10,0
a few passages in ital.
But however you shake it,Havens is going about this the longwinded and unduly elaborate way -- moreover, he's limiting himself to a particular font size, which is entirely unnecessary.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
There may not be any need to mess around with SUb tables, although they're very
easy to configure. (But they aren't applicable with Speedos...)
In other words, the sub tables don't affect the screen fonts? Again, my
ignorance is on display here. Speedos are screen fonts, right, display fonts?

Michael Norman