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Re: Accents (in U2)

** Reply to message from michael.norman@xxxxxxxx on Thu, 02 Jan 2003 20:51:56


>> Which specific PRN file are you looking for -- or rather,
>> for which machine?

> I've just ordered an HP LJ 2200D (duplex). And I'm trying
> to figure out which XyDos .prn file to use.

HPLJ-4.PRN. 2200D is a great machine. You probably want to run it
at 600dpi when printing from XyWrite (not true 1200 -- I think HPLJ-4.PRN
tells it to run @600, so you may not need to do anything). IIRC, this
machine is compatible with everything, all OpSyses, right? Quite a step
up from a 3P (I always figured the "P" stood for Pathetically Slow to Start
Printing) -- this new beast seems to run at about 20 ppm!

>> Crucial questions:... Which printer, which font. Gotta know.

> It will be the Laserjet 2200D soon, the HPIIIP for now,
> and I print manuscripts in:
> df uf=standard (courier)
> df sy=23z,10,0
> a few passages in ital.

So: you're using HPLJ-3P.PRN at present. Your present and
future font is Speedo COURIER10.

>> There may not be any need to mess around with SUb tables,
>> although they're very easy to configure. (But they aren't
>> applicable with Speedos...)

> In other words, the sub tables don't affect the screen
> fonts?... Speedos are screen fonts, right, display fonts?

SUb tables are *ignored* when you use Speedos.

Speedos are screen fonts (in Graphic mode) AND printer fonts (in
all modes), both. When you use Speedos, you are printing
scalable Speedo fonts. WYS in Graphic mode is WYG when you print
to paper. They'll work just fine for the task of printing an "o-
macron". The only real limitation you will confront is that 
texts will not Right-JUstify correctly -- no way. Solution:
don't use . Use  instead (ragged right margin).  is
the system default anyway.

>> Havens is going about this the longwinded and
>> unduly elaborate way -- moreover, he's limiting himself
>> to a particular font size, which is entirely unnecessary.

> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

OK. You have two options:
 PI commands
 PC codes
Both work fine, and I'll describe them both.

We're going to print the words "mojo" and "MOJO" with an o-macron
on the first "o|O". Both the PC and PI procedures will backspace
and overstrike the "o|O" with the pure macron characters [732]
(for lower case characters) and [733] (for UPPER case chars).

SAVE THIS MESSAGE from your mailer into a text file, load the
text file into XyWrite, and (with cursor at TopOfFile) command
"DECODE" to turn the following sections into
readable/usable text plus code.

b-gin [UNTITLED]
PC (Printer Control) Code[cr|lf]-------------------------[cr|
lf]Go into your PRiNter file and find the "PC:" table. Pick{032}
an unassigned number in range 1-256, e.g. 1. Assign it as fo
llows:[cr|lf][cr|lf]1,{027}[255+048+056][cr|lf][cr|lf]Then co
de your text as follows:[cr|lf]mo{<}PC1{>}[732]jo[cr|lf]MO{<}
PC1{>}[733]JO[cr|lf][cr|lf]You can automate this via LDSGTs o
r U2 frames, but probably easiest is to dedicate two keys tha
t put complete o|O-macrons via the KBD file, thus (CoPy these
 assignments exactly!):[cr|lf]nn=NOo,BXP,C, ,1,Q2[732][cr|lf]
nn=NOO,BXP,C, ,1,Q2[733][cr|lf][cr|lf]*OR* you could modify t
hat to put a macron over *ANY* lower/UPPER character, by *man
ually* putting the character (e.g. "o|O") first, then hitting
 these keystrokes:[cr|lf]nn=BXP,C, ,1,Q2[732][cr|lf]nn=BXP,C,
 ,1,Q2[733][cr|lf][cr|lf]PI (Printer Insert) Command[cr|lf]--
-------------------------[cr|lf]Code your text as follows:[cr
{>}[733]JO[cr|lf][cr|lf]KBD file:[cr|lf]nn=NOo,BXP,I, ,[255+0
48+056],Q2[732][cr|lf]nn=NOO,BXP,I, ,[255+048+056],Q2[733][cr
|lf] *or* (macron over any char)[cr|lf]nn=BXP,I, ,[255+048+05
6],Q2[732][cr|lf]nn=BXP,I, ,[255+048+056],Q2[733][cr|lf][cr|l
f]Let me know how it works for you.[cr|lf]

Robert Holmgren