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Re: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys

For those who use PC, not Mac, AutoHotkey allows reprogramming of any key 
to any series of keystrokes--and to much, much more. It's a whole, very 
sensible, well-supported scripting language. I have 1000 lines of code in 
my .AHK file. Indispensable. Carl uses its big brother, AutoIt3.

I tried moving to AutoIt3 but cannot get my mind around its convention of naming variables with the dollar sign *before* the variable name, as in $address. I say in my mind "address-dollar" not dollar-address, and I'm too old to change. AHK has all the flexibility of XyWrite. Your losing out if you are not using AHK (or AutoIT3). It's free.

I purchased what I assume is a PC keyboard with USB connection. The windows key is on the top row with function keys. I use a Mac, but had not trouble using with a Mac. Mac allows you to switch Ctrl, Alt (which they call Option, I think), and Caps Lock, via System Preferences/Keyboard menu. The Windows key works as the Apple key.

I loved the Avant Stellar keyboards. Have owned three. 2 finally failed, and one is still going strong.

The Unicomp is louder than the Avant Stellar and a bit less sturdy in feel. Keys make a click-clack sound--not a deal breaker for me, as I kind of like it.

For me the big deal is function keys on the left. I've programmed many mini-routines, over the last two decades, onto those keys and muscle-memory makes typing automatic. Especially useful when I create indexes (extensive ones for academic works, history, politics, etc.) which is my day job. For writing fiction I tend to write early drafts in XyWrite then import to Word for minor revisions.

I'm considering ordering a second Unicomp as insurance against the other Avant Stellar failure, as I have two offices so need two systems.

Lisa Kleinholz