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Hanson.scr and virus

from Morris


  I did not personally send the Hanson,scr attachment file. The file I
sent was to do with the rotation of text which contained no viruses. Today
this same file Hanson.scr was received from rr@xxxxxxxx which others in the
group must have also received.

  Off the record I am more afraid of the digital virus than than all those
so called deadly viruses that are supposed to cause the mysterious illness
of aids etc., as a lifetime of almost 70 years has taught me that the many
of our everyday foods are more toxic and harmful to the tissues and our
thinking capability than all the viruses put together. Not only have I
written about ten books on this subject but I have a large library of over a
thousand books researching health, yoga, sensible living, common sense and
plain logic. I am therefore not around the bend or a mischievious spirit. It
is for this reason that I am infatuated with the genius and logic of XPL
that enables us manipulate text in an infinite number of ways.