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Can anyone help me?

How quickly we forget. ALT CTRL SHIFT C is a terrific feature of Xy4, but
if you're in Xy3 you're outta luck with that one. Robert wrote some nice
routines for getting code back and forth from text to command line in Xy3
(see http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/XyWWWeb, for the file ctrlchar.txt, and
use routines [b] and[c]). I'd almost forgotten, Leonard, ci is probably the
most used command in the routines I run, too; I stick one TF command near
the program beginning as a way to touch wood.

Peter Brown

Dick Giering wrote:
Most likely the easiest way is to select the
BC from the program line and then use ALT CTRL
SHIFT C t put it to the command line.

Leonard Wright wrote:

I've written a program in Xywrite III that does about a 100 ch commands.

I've now discovered that I need to put a TF command before each bit of the