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Re: search subdirectories


> Robert...(He is aware of, and still has on his to-do > list, the SEarch bug you identified several weeks ago.)
After a little mail searching, I figure this refers to the
ch problem I'd been having, and that I never got around to
asking about my other search problem:

Using se *.*/string/ in an empty screen to search a
directory, I will get the message that the file is already
open (which one of them will be) and do I want to open it
again. I answer no and the search stops with the word Done
on the status line. If I repeat this process two or three
times, the real search will begin and land on all the
pertinent strings, in the latest instance five, including
the one in the open file.

This problem only began cropping up during the last year,
which makes me think something has gotten corrupted.

Any ideas?