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Re: XY4 freezing in Win98

McAfee will hold up Xy loading even if you only have one copy of
editor.exe on the disk.

I had this problem, too, when I tried to install Xy4DOS on a new
computer that came with McAfee stuff pre-installed. I got so desperate,
I actually called TTG tech support. (think I'd know better...) The very
nice but not very interested fellow on the other end told me the problem
was probably something the system was loading, but -- and here's the rub
-- told me it was almost certainly NOT McAfee, since he had it on his
computer and had no problems with it.

That caused me to spend many fruitless hours trying to figure out just
what other stuff the *(*^%*& Compaq was loading on start-up and trying
to unload it. (God forbid they should actually tell you up front...)

I finally figured out it was McAfee when I subscribed to the Web-based
McAfee clinic and uninstalled the McAfee that was on my system. Voila!

Jane Stein

> he figured out what the problem was, Paul Breeze mentioned that he had renamed
> one of the editor.exe files. I have a hunch it was the existence of the _two_
> editor.exe files that created the problem to begin with. My understanding is
> (and I hope somebody will correct me if I am wrong) this: the scan program
> compare the number of bytes in all the execurtable files it finds the day it
> operates with those in the files the time it created its checklist. If it finds
> a descrepancy, it barks. It is possible, therefore, that the presence of _two_
> editor.exe files totally knocked it for a loop.
> That said, I'm not sure it is wise to rename editor.exe. I believe I once saw a
> caution against doing so in one of the XyWrite manuals or pamphlets from back in
> the Xyquest/Bellarica days.
> >
> >
> > If a person is all that worried about viruses, he'd probably have a happier
> > computer life if he just ran a virus scan first thing in the morning and
> > last thing before going home. Better yet, just scan any file you grab off
> > the Internet before you open it.
> >
> Absolutely.
> >
> > Personally, I scan about once a week, and I have never found anything.
> >
> You know how to take care of business, my man!
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> > Sent: Friday, December 17, 1999 9:33 AM
> > Subject: Re: XY4 freezing in Win98
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> > > This problem cropped up for me and at least one other person earlier this
> > > fall. Both of us were running Win98 and McAfee Virus software. What
> > > appeared to be a freeze up was a very long wait, several minutes sometimes
> > > before Xy4 would come up. If McAfee Virus was not running the Xy4 load
> > > happened quickly. Moreover, once Xy4 had been loaded once during a
> > session
> > > and then unloaded, if McAfee was reloaded, Xy4 could be started again
> > > without delay.
> > >
> > > Don't know if this is a problem with other virus software.
> > >
> > > Fritz Casey-Leininger
> > >
> > > .At 10:04 AM 12/17/99 , you wrote:
> > > >I've just reloaded XY4 on a Win98 compter (I have Xy3 and XYWin on the
> > > >same computer) and when I try to start it, the system freezes. I've
> > tried
> > > >changing the name of the program to editor1.exe to avoid any conflict
> > with
> > > >XY3, and I've also tried starting from a DOS window where I set the path
> > > >to \XY4 alone, again to avoid it seeing XY3. All to no avail. However
> > > >the program will start if I boot up directly to DOS, and don't load
> > > >windows. Does anybody have any idea what might be the cause of the
> > problem?
> > >
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