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Shoulda named it something else

Here's an answer for Myron G's observation that JM(ReOpenFile)
doesn't work.
 Well, actually, it does! The JM is not to a dialog(ue) box but
to a routine that does some initializing so later access to
"reopen" will use any previously saved information.

I like Myron's other ideas, and they'll go into the hopper for
future development -- probably not till early '96.

As for adding templates -- good. I've sort of wanted to do that
 Here's an idea for creating a style library. Create templates
with just style statements. Create a new file. Do a File -
Import - Text on the template file you want. The operation puts
in its own internal style, so at the end of everything you have
to insert the style you really want. Then if you change your
template, you can re-import ("manage links") the template and the
new values will be inserted into the styles in your document.

Sorry this is so sketchy. You'll have to experiment and watch
what happens.

Tim Baehr