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Re: BX in search/replace

Eric writes:

≪ it so happens (quite by chance)
 that I've been using this BX...Q2 string only after a TF command: has that
 been performing the same purifying role of the recommended FF? ≫

Yes. Many functions, like FF, are built into the Editor and are executed
invisibly and internally as part of other routines. In fact, if you think
about it, *all* functions are internal to the Editor executable; the "function
calls" like FF are just that -- *calls* to the internal workings of XyWrite.
So it would be no surprise that a TF would also include the code that
refreshes the screen.

I had forgotten all about the Signature T-shirt. I'll have to dig it out of
the drawer.
As far as I know, there aren't any other old Xyquest hands monitoring this
group; I wish there were. (Signature is pre-Kenny.)


Tim Baehr