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BX in search/replace

I've now been told* that "/t" in the BX argument I quoted means "from the
top". I knew that once I mentioned it on the List I'd get an explanation.

I haven't been doing a refresh, which several correspondents say is
essential for BX...Q2 to work properly, but it so happens (quite by chance)
that I've been using this BX...Q2 string only after a TF command: has that
been performing the same purifying role of the recommended FF?

* One of those who so informed me was Tim Baehr. Not long after I read his
message, I happened to put on my Signature T-shirt (the T-shirt lasted a
lot longer than the software ) and found I was wearing his scrawl on my
back. Are there any other participants on this List who have also been
helping to keep me warm on an unseasonably cold day here in East Anglia (a
few miles from the *original* Billerica[y])?

Cheers to all
Eric Van Tassel