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NB help

Mary Bernard on the NB list passed along the following, which Xywriters
experimenting with NB might find useful. (The site contains more than the
guide cited.)

Michael Norman

>>>>>>NB stopped giving programming information in the manual with
version 4. But there's a perfectly wonderful manual written by one of the list gurus, Tony Woozley, which covers everything: keyboard customizing, user help files,
and especially xpl programming. It's about 160 close-packed
pages, and it's that rare thing, a manual that both beginners and
advanced XPLers can profit from: clear and comprehensive.
It's written for NB4, not NB5, so some of the things it describes
don't work in NB5 (OV codes, user help screens); and a few codes
are different. (E.g., the command to toggle autoreplace is AZ,
not AR). Almost all the codes still work, though.
It's called the Customization and Programming Guide.

I strongly urge you to get it - it's at Gerald Schlabach's website -
http://www.bluffton.edu/~schlabachg/nb/; eudora="autourl">http://www.bluffton.edu/~schlabachg/nb/
- in a version which I formatted last year to be printable on
both A4 and standard American paper.
If you find it useful, could you send a line to Tony saying so?
His email address: AWoozley1@xxxxxxxx.