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Labels and other "Panel" formats

In theory XyWrite's column table feature could be used to format business
cards, labels, etc. But it is the worst feature in the program and has
never worked properly. You can do your data input in Xy, but you then need
to move to something else for printing it out.

Avery's Label Pro is OK, and has the ability to scale type on the fly so
that long lines in an address file (for example) will always fit. OS/2
users beware; the latest version uses Win32S 1.30 and is not compatible.

But my all-time favorite is Dan Bricklin's PageGarden. It was a
well-regarded product for a while in 1989 when it came out, and then
dropped into obscurity. Basically, it's an interpreted programming
language interface for laser printers that allows you to do just about
anything. I still use it for things like name badges. The manual (written
by Bricklin after he had written the software) is probably the best
software documentation ever produced! This product belongs in the software
hall of fame, along with Xy, Ultravision, Magellan.

     Tom Hawley / tjh@xxxxxxxx