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Nathan's questions

I tried various combinations of keyboards (not extensively) and
found that I can't replicate your problem. Even failing to load
ENHANCE.SET doesn't seem to affect things. If anybody else has
similar keyboard problems, let me know here or at my e-mail

Some enhancements you can't get except fromt the keyboard file -- like
ALT+CTRL+left or right arrow to go to the beginning/end of a
selected block of text. And some -- like cdx to cd to the
subdirectory of the current file -- are available only if you load ENHANCE.SET.

As for the LH default, thanks to Nathan for fixing that in the
docs. I checked ENHANCE.PGM (which allows you to load everything
temporarily), and it has the right numbers.

I guess I should warn people that the new stuff is intensely
menu/dialog-based and that there may be a few new things to
learn. I'm sure it won't be everybody's cup of tea.

Tim Baehr