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v112 U2--just to clarify


While uvr was carrying out step #7 of the
instructions for replacing an old U2 with v112, I copied
down the comments that appeared on the status line whenever
the action stopped, and just want to clarify what I need to
do about them.

[1.] frames 5runcmd, 5sw, 5go2dos, 5qpd "no longer contain
user variables." Do I define what's in .usr for those frames
and copy it (ctrl+c) to the appropriate frames in .u2? If
so, where in the frame? Or is there another procedure I
should be following? (Or should I have been keeping track of
my own changes as I made them over time--and mostly didn't?)

[2.] frames 5cite, 5relabel, 5ezinstal, 5swapword, 5go and
5expand were "removed from help." Cite, relabel and go now
seem to exist as the same names followed by * but ezinstal,
swapword and expand don't show up in v112 at all. Should I
be doing something?

[3.] frames 5finito, 5nws, 5printenv, 5ddeoed, and 5xff got
the comment "S/G mismatch: stop processing frame." Again,
should I be doing something?

Many thanks