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Uwe Sieber's DosLike

Wwe Sieber has converted his DOSLike to an OEM font. I'm quoting his
Internet page (See http://www.uwe-sieber.de/dosfon_e.html):
"New1252.FON contains 3 ANSI fonts with Codepage 1252. That's the
codepage normally used under Windows. But the font has the OEM flag set
and its internal name is 'Terminal'. Therefore Windows list the fonts in
the settings of the DOS-Boxes and Terminal windows. The font sizes are
different from the other codepages to make a parallel install possible
(8x15, 9x17 and 10x20).
The combination of an ANSI font and the OEM flag is 'illigal', so I hope
you know what you do."

Maybe this could be interesting for some members of our list.
Manuel Castelao