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Re: xywrite@xxxxxxxx

>Reply to note from wforry@xxxxxxxx (Wib Forry) Fri, 9 Jan 98
>21:57:55 +0000
>-> Ihave program that runs and about half way throuh the program
>-> it starts writing the program into the file, and gives an error
>-> invalid format while it is running.
>Could be any number of reasons for this behavior. Can't say more
>without seeing the code. Send another msg with the program
>attached. Put zeh patient on zeh table, und vee'll operate!
>Carl Distefano

Thanks for the prompt return.

I split the program into two parts and it seems to work.

I have another question.

I am putting a variable into the text and i get a "null"(ascii 0) at the
back of the number that is inserted.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks much

Phone number (717) 792-3551 ext 525

Thanks again