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  The changes which were made to XyWrite for the developement of Nota Bene
were made directly to the Editor, not overlays. As to the specific changes; I
am unable to give out that information at this time. However, if there is some way of obtaining
that informatio I will let you know.   XyWrite also uses overflow files when working with larger
files. Depending on how fast you scroll through the file, it may take a second longer to jump to
the next page. However, it keeps track of keystrokes mad in the interim and will put those in
accordingly. Sometimes, users will strike the PageDown key a
second time when the screen does not move immediatley. Thus they may go past
the point which they were seeking.
 I don't know if I have made mention to the time stamp, but if so I will
reiterate. There still exists a glich in the current 3.57 version of our
XyWrite Editor when producing files around the time of 12:00 A.M. . The
directory listing in XyWrite will show 12:00 P.M. , but in DOS will show 12:00
A.M. . At this time there is no fix for that problem.  Hope this information will be of some use.