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Re: XyWrite in a big CRT monitor

Manuel writes:

≪ Thanks to Jeff and Jordan for their suggestions. I am using XyWrite
 4.018 and I am a fan of full screen (I am not running the program in a
 Windows window and I don't like it). Maybe my problem is due to lack of
 experience with the new big monitor but, in the meanwhile, I am
 disappointed with the big characters and the very visible pixels.
 I am using 1280x1024 Windows resolution, 24 bpp color, an ATI 3D Rage
 Pro card and an Eizo 21" monitor.
 Best regards,
 Manuel Castelao ≫

You're welcome, Manuel. Who would have thought, some 20 years ago when
XyWrite was being developed, that we'd ever want to use something as large as
a 21" monitor? Remember the tiny built-in monitors on such machines as the

I'm running XyWrite 4.018 on a Dell laptop in a window (Win95), not because
it's too large otherwise (it's a full-screen window), but because in
full-screen mode the characters are ugly and in windowed mode they are sharp
and crisp. When I was doing newspaper layout and design on a 21" monitor, I
tried a lot of variations but was happiest running XyWrite in a window that
occupied about a third of the total screen acreage.

As an alternative, either the XyWWWeb site or Tim Baehr's site (or both) have
instructions for using Ghostscript to modify the XyWrite display, but I'd
rather not deal with that if it isn't absolutely necessary. It might be an
option for you to consider, though.

Jeff Seager