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I just spent a morning going over the NDOS manual in my Norton upgrade, and it
looks really good.t has a command line history, of courses, aliases (which, in
effect, let you make up your own DOS commands), and some good commands for
limiting or expanding filename searches. For example, you can delete all except
certain files (wild cards, allowed: the command looks like EXCEPT *.DOC DEL
*.*, which would delete all but the *.doc files in a directory. There's also a
global command, so that GLOBAL DIR COMMAND.COM would give you a directory
listing of all the command.coms in your disk, including subdirectories. GLOBAL
DEL *.BAK would wipe out all the *.bak files on a disk. There's also a select
command, which you use to select certain files for an operation, i.e. SELECT
COPY (*.COM *.EXE) A:\ which would permit you to selet certain .com files and
certain *.exe files to copy to a:. In addition to all of this, you can put more
than one DOS command on a line. It also has some excellent menu building
capabilities, including an INPUT command, which I've been waiting for, to allow
a user to enter a string and pass that through as an argument. Then there's a
batch of variables you can use (roughly equivalent to VA's in XyWrite), such as
monitor type, CPU type, etc. which you can use. I plan to install it next week
and try it out.