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** Reply to note from LESLIE319@xxxxxxxxxx 08/05/95 12:48pm -0400

> If you have Dos 6x you can stop the autoexec.bat from loading the CD drivers 
> by typing F5 at the "Starting MS DOS" prompt, or, if you are running an 
> older version, hit ctrl-c as soon as the memory is verified.

My machine doesn't have DOS ANYTHING.  It has OS/2 which runs Virtual  
Dos Machines which are more than adequate for any DOS program except  
the install program from TTG!  To install I have shut down my machine,  
rummage through bookshelves until I find PC-DOS 5 or 6 or whatever is lying  
around, boot from the diskette and exit before it starts installing stuff.  Then I  
have go through the COMPLETE install of XyWrite (because the install  
program has no update facility) answering inane questions, having it install  
directories with tutorial files I don't want...........   The files I wanted would  
have fit, zipped, on 1 diskette.  They sent four.  
Why are they sticking to this archaic instllation program? 


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