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Re: Re[2]: Happy.exe

Jim Eberle:

>Trashing the Happy.exe attachment without opening it did not keep it from
>depositing itself on my computer.

Wow! Tell us more!

I mean, yes, of course it deposited itself before you trashed it. But are
you saying that although you didn't run it and indeed trashed it, its
"deposit" remained? Amazing.

>Maybe the computer people at my company are
>just being cautious, but they tell me this virus/worm can do damage to
>on my computer as well as infect outgoing e-mail messages.

Sure, it can. If you run it. If you don't run it, it can't.

>When my hard drive was attacked a year ago, I lost a lot of valuable files
>hadn't been backed up recently enough.

(i) Back up the files.

(ii) "Attacked" by what? By Happy99?

>So, the question remains, is it necessary for the list server itself to rid
>itself of the happy virus/worm?

OK, OK, the question remains. Nathan, pronounce! We're all agog.
Peter Evans