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Maybe this will solve your problem: SmartDisk CP/M MSDOS format conversion

This software package comes on a CDROM which includes versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft WORD for displaying the documentation. BMP images files for each page are also included. This is an MSDOS product (will run in an MSDOS window with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP).

SmartDisk CP/M <> MSDOS File Transfer.

To read 5-1/4" disks, you must have a 5-1/4" disk drive in your PC!

SMARTDISK is even more powerful than MEDIA MASTER.With SMARTDISK you can:

O Read, write, and format over 200 5-1/4" CP/M and MS DOS disk formats, including all of those handled by MEDIA MASTER.

O Transfer files from and to 96 TPI, 3-1/2 inch and 8 inch drives.

O Read CP/M, CP/M-86, and CP/M-68 disks, including individual (0-15) user areas.

O Use familiar commands (e.g., DIR, COPY, REN, and DEL).

O Read Wang 5503D Word Processor files.

For 8-inch format, a Maynard controller is needed.

There are some formats which can not be handled by SMARTDISK. For example, Apple, Atari, North Star, and the Commodore 64 use unique formats which cannot be read on MS DOS drives.

SMARTDISK is menu-driven, and includes a very clear manual.

S/H for U.S. addresses is $3.95; for Canada $5.60; Elsewhere $16.45.