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RE: La Machine Est Morte, Vive La Machine!

At 21/07/2014 05:29, you wrote:
1. I don't know why you want to install Win7-Pro "over" what ships
with the machine. Is there really any practical difference for you
between Pro and Home?
1. Because running Win-7-64 Pro is the only way to get Microsoft's XP
mode in Win 7-64. XP mode is not available in Win 7-64 Home. That
constitutes a difference for anyone who wants to run XyWrite.
2. You don't have to install Pro 'over' Home as it is already there.
You merely have to enable its additional features with a key that you
acquire through purchase or other.
3. I didn't do anything special to make the partitions, so I guess
I'm using the Windows way of doing that, and I have no issues at
all with it.
Others have reported considerable difficulties with Windows 7
partitioning. I would get the world's best partitioning tool,
whatever that is, unless it is generally agreed that the native
partitioning tool is OK for the particular scenario Carl is planning.
From my own experience, I can only say that, over a period of years,
I could never get Ubuntu to produce a dual Win7/Linux system with its
provided partitioner until the most recent version.
Well, there's one really minor annoyance: in the white on
black screen that appears on bootup,
It would indeed be nice to have an attractive, informative and
legible bootup screen from the partitioner.
Other than that, I have yet to find any program (including InDesign and PhotoShop) that doesn't run splendidly on the 32bit OS.
I am baffled by this remark as I find myself, daily, speedily running
out of resources on Win 7-64 with 16 GB RAM. Subjectively, I found
moving from 32 to 64 increased speed. I find that both Win 7-64 and
Win 8-64 get bogged down easily. I sometimes wonder if this is
related to my insistence on continuing to use Eudora, a program which
now really does need an update it will apparently never receive.