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Re: NB 8 and U2

** Reply to message from Harry Binswanger  on Sun, 01 Jan 2006
21:17:48 -0500

> what is an "overlay"

A program library, similar to U2, that gives NB it's extra functionality. The
overlays are loaded via NB.INI -- see the [Startup] stanza (ignore error msgs
-- or use Xy4 to look at them! I use Xy4 for *all* NBWin configuration tasks).
The [Startup] stanza performs a function similar to STARTUP.INT in Xy4DOS -- it
LOADs the basic configuration files into Editor. The libraries are filenamed
nbmain-c.aux, nbmain-d.aux, nbmain-i.aux, etc., and they are loaded onto
functions &C, &D, &I, etc. Examine NB.INI to see how that is done -- it is a
NEW syntax! Everything about NB.INI is new -- so learn how it works.

> How do I not load [the overlays]?

By commenting out the LDPM statements of these several AUXfiles in NB.INI:
precede them with a semi-colon. Let me underscore that I do NOT recommend that
you do that (disable the overlays)! Any issue that you take subsequently to
the NB maillist (or to NB-NY directly) will be compromised by you having
disabled something that not one of them would ever DREAM of surrendering.
These overlays are what make NB different than XyWrite. Also, you should keep
in mind that not one of them has tweaked her keyboard, apart from unassigned
keys. Consequently, they all know what they're talking about when they say
"Control-Shift" -- whereas among XyWriters that is simply not meaningful -- R1,
R9 is meaningful. NotaBenieri don't even know what R1 or R9 are (the
exceptions prove the rule). These are fundamental distinctions between the
adherents of these two word processors.

> That's how I get ascii characters. It's the R0, R1, etc. But I think that
> means 3-byte codes on the Command line.

You're not using R0, R1 to put chars on the command line; they're for putting
chars to text.

Robert Holmgren