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Re: The Y2K problem

On Tue, 01 Dec 1998 12:14:49 -0500 (EST), James Woolley, Lafayette
College wrote:

>To confirm Dick Giering's hypothesis, could you not
>set your system date to 1 Jan. 2000 at the DOS prompt
>(date ....), open XyW, create a file, and then check
>both XyW and DOS directory listings to see what date
>is reported? On my system, using Nota Bene 3.0, the
>date is reported correctly.
>James Woolley

Using OS/2 4.0 fixpack 6, I changed the date to 12-1-2000, and created
a file called 2000 and saved it. Instead of the two-character year
entry in the Xy directory entry there's an understandably
distressed-looking emoticon:

2000          9  12-01-:0 12:18pm

In an OS/2 window it's

12-01-00 12:18p       9   0 a--- 2000

In a DOS window under OS/2 it's

2000         9 12-01-00 12:18p

Just for kicks I'm going to be very irresponsible and send via PMMail
before changing my system date back and see if the whole internet comes
down. Luckily I've got rations for five years hidden below the

Rafe T.