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Re: First Load

Hey there Flash.

It's very interesting: the first site below has a lot of reader comments from those who hate FirstLoad (calling it deceitful, a scam, etc.). The second one has no reader comments and praises FirstLoad. I believe the readers, and wonder if the second site was put up by FirstLoad.

Bottom line: no way that I'm going to give them my credit card.

Thanks for answering my query with these links. Did you just Google "FirstLoad"?


read the reviews and look before you leap:

http://www.comparere.com/usenet-providers/15-firstload-review.html; eudora="autourl">http://www.comparere.com/usenet-providers/15-firstload-review.html

http://www.usenet-provider-test.info/en/firstload-review/; eudora="autourl">http://www.usenet-provider-test.info/en/firstload-review/

Be aware that these search & download services require you to install
software on your machine, which may affect the underlying OS and may not
completely un-istall later (w/all that that implies).