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Puzzling XyWin error message (after botched surgery)

My hard drive is (for reasons I needn't go into here) partitioned into C:
and D: virtual drives, and I decided yesterday (also for reasons I needn't
go into) to move XyWin and XyDos from C to D.

I managed this operation as clumsily and ineptly as is humanly possible,
and after returning XyWin to C: and trying to clear up some of the mess I
made I'm left with a glitch I don't understand. (Well, I guess if I did
understand it it would soon cease to be a glitch, wouldn't it?)

When XyWin first boots up, the program won't respond to the keyboard. When
I hit ESC, I get an error message which normally reads
        Path not found \%
(in case that doesn't survive the ASCII translation into e-mail, that's
"backslash" followed by "percent"). Then the error message disappears, and
the keyboard becomes operative, when I hit ESC a second time.

I say that the first ESC "normally" produces that error message, because --
after I inserted ESC x2 into my XWSTART.INT in the hope that this would
automate the process I've just described -- I find that if the ESC x2 is
close to the end of the XWSTART.INT file the error message is different:
that is, if ESC x2 forms the last line, the error message is changed to
        Path not found \(c)(c)%
("backslash" followed by two "copyright" symbols and "percent"), and
if ESC
x2 is the penultimate line in XWSTART.INT, the error message is
        Path not found \[]
where [] represents a narrow vertical block which I can't identify but
which may be something like ASCII 221.

XWSTART.INT at the moment reads as follows -- with {..} = a function call:
    {BX}DEFAULT DR=C:\XW{Q2};*;
    {BX}LOAD C:\XW\XWU3.U3{Q2};*;
    {MW}mx{BX}LOAD C:\XW\XWUIF.UIF{Q2};*;
    {BX}LOGIN ERIC{Q2};*;
    {BX}LOAD C:\XW\EVT.KBD{Q2};*;
    {BX}UWF 2{Q2};*;
    {BX}DSORT D,R,H{Q2};*;
    {BX}CD \;*;

(This file is of course a mixture of the received-and-unquestioned and the
user-modified. I don't, for instance, even know what func.call {MW} is, let
alone what "{MW}mx" does.)

Can anyone help?

Eric Van Tassel

e-mail: EricVT@xxxxxxxx