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Re: Happy99.exe

In the opinion of the usually sage Robert Holmgren:

>any person spreading viruses via this list should be removed from
>this list, without hesitation. Zero tolerance. No excuses accepted.

Crumbs: this is in the context of HAPPY99.EXE, which (a) is a virus only in
a wide sense of that word, and (b) has no pretenses of doing anything useful.

Now, if I were to knock up a program called XYMEMHOL.EXE that I claimed
patched Xy4 so it didn't do the naughty things Shaun Harrison has
complained of, then he and perhaps others would have a good reason for
running it. And if, when run, this program announced: "Die, Amerikans!
Kosovo for the Serbians! Bye bye partition table!" and screwed up his hard
drive, I should be kicked off.
Peter Evans