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Re: New copy and paste function

Reply to note from "Robert Holmgren"  Sat, 8
Nov 2003 17:57:55 -0500

> I don't think so: the error he gets is exactly the error
> returned by CSCRIPT if .VBS extension isn't associated with
> WSCRIPT (or CSCRIPT -- doesn't matter which). I mean, first
> you ASSOCiate the extension with a file type, and then you link
> the file type (aka FTYPE) to an executable.

I hear you. But, to say it another way, ASSOCiating .VBS with
VBSfile should be enough. The FTYPE command, to link (all) .VBS
files to the CSCRIPT executable, would seem to be unnecessary; the
command "CSCRIPT CLIP.VBS" makes that linkage at runtime for (this
particular) .VBS file. Can even M$ be that dumb?

There may be very good reasons to avoid an across-the-board linkage
of .VBS files to a particular EXEcutable, for example, to avoid
inadvertently launching a script on double-clicking a shortcut to a
VBS file. Or you may want to FTYPE .VBS files with Notepad or
another text editor, so that double-clicking on the filename (or
issuing FILENAME.VBS at the DOS prompt) opens the script for
editing. Surely that's possible, and would not preclude launching a
VBS script with an explicit CSCRIPT command. I find it hard to
believe that FTYPE is necessary, given that a one-off launch command
can specify which EXEcutable to use.

Carl Distefano