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Re: Footnotes/Endnotes formatting

Paul wrote:
I don't use ≪NI≫, but wouldn't you have to strip it out from the endnotes to show and print page numbers, so functionally you'd end up in the same place as with tags.
No, I was not going to include anything inside the ≪NI≫--just use them as
non-printing "markers" for where the page number ends and the footnote
comment begins.
That would simplify the loop I just sent you, but how do you get the sequential footnote numbers out of there, if you do it this way? SF1 is supposed to suppress the sequential numbers, but I can't get it to work.
I have questions about why this is being done in the first place--what
publisher is going to work from Xy files? And if you suppress the
sequential numbers (which works, sometimes) what good is this system when
there is more than one end note referring to the same body text page?
So I'm waiting for further clarification from Michael, when he gets it from
his publisher.

Harry Binswanger