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Experimental Digest

I just had an inquiry from a subscriber about whether one can access the
list as a Usenet group. The answer is no, but that put me in mind of an
experiment. It is possible to make the list available to those who want
it as a periodic digest, so that instead of getting messages one by one,
they come in in one file, say, once a day. That is handy for reading,
but a little less handy for replying, since one needs to fill in the
Subject by hand to designate which thread the reply is following.

It occurred to me that it would be worth while to try this out for about
two weeks (a longish period because of the holidays) to see how you like
it. I have therefore enabled this option. It will make no difference
unless you enable it too. To do so, send a message to
preferably with no subject, that says only:
set xywrite mail digest

If you decide you like the old way better, send a new message:
set xywrite mail ack/noack
depending on whether you want copies of messages you send to the list,
set xywrite mail postpone
if you are going away and do not want your box to fill with mail; the
postponement ends when you send a new digest/ack/noack message.

Once I get cranked up again after the new year, I will send you a new
message letting you know when the experiment ends and asking for your
wishes. If there is no enthusiasm for the digests, I will turn it off,
and those using the digest option will have to turn it off for

Ho ho ho,
Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325
(after 19 Jan 19104-6304)
(215) 898-7454