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Re: XyWrite in a big CRT monitor

I was unable to find information referred to XyDos 4 text screen fonts
running in a Windows window in XyWeb and Annie's sites. Please outline
for me your procedure to change the screen font in a Windows 98
environment. The shortcut properties only give me access to a predefined
set of screen fonts.
Best regards,

Bill Troop wrote:
> >I'm running XyWrite 4.018 on a Dell laptop in a window (Win95), not because
> >it's too large otherwise (it's a full-screen window), but because in
> >full-screen mode the characters are ugly and in windowed mode they are sharp
> >and crisp.
> That's why it's usually necessary to run XY4 in a window -- the fonts are
> so much better than in full-screen mode. On my 1600x1200 Dell laptop, I use
> Lucida Console for the screen font, set to 28 points, and I still get 40
> lines. It looks much better than any of the alternatives. Manuel, what OS
> are you using? It might be possible to offer some fine-tuning suggestions
> if we had more details.