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These fellows need no endorsement from me, but in case there is
anyone who hasn't yet looked at Carl's and Robert's efforts as
presented at


let me urge you to visit, download, and enjoy. The range and utility
of the fruits of their efforts is truly extraodinary.

To any here who have been reluctant, as I was, to muck with
smartset.u2: it works just peachy (peachily?), and once you used to
MErging in a new frame/application, SAving the smartset.u2 to another
file, exiting Xy, and then copying the new file back to the
smartset.u2 filename, adding a new thingie becomes second nature.

The as-is package is marvelous enough, but things like the ASCII
character set, the calendar, the saveget lister, the
filename-to-commandline program, the set/find marker, directory
stripper, search back-/forward program -- well, trust me, the idle
hour or two you spend reconfiguring your system and keyboard file to
incorporate these, especially in conjunction with STACK, will be more
than repaid. The one or two buglets I've encountered are utterly
inconsequential. Indeed the programming is so robust -- these guys
should get a Pulitzer (a Grammar? an Asciier?) for their generous
contribution to XyWriters everywhere.

Rafe T.