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Re: III+ and 95

R Tennenbaum wrote:
> Well, okay, someone ought to chip in here that NetWare works just
> fine with OS/2 and Xy4 works superbly under OS/2 (say the Warp
> Connect flavor) -- I don't know of any OS which handles "legacy" DOS
> apps better. (I was unlucky with Xy3 though others were not -- but I
   Awe, shucks, Rene, I'll chime in on that -- there just ain't no
better DOS than OS2/MDOS -- better memory management, stabiltity, etc.
Don't know why you had problems with XYIII -- I thought it worked
amazingly well under OS/2. But then, I can get most anything dos/windoz
like to work under OS/2. Or under Solaris/Wabi. If'n ya'll needs help,
I'd be certainly agreeable to fly out there -- for a small fee.

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