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Re: SmartSet & Multilevel UnABort

>Alas, no, Harry. AB+ gives you one bite at the apple, that's
all. >ABort another file and the .TMP file gets overwritten.
>I've never (weelll, hardly ever) felt a need to get more elaborate
>than that.
    I guess you never get angry or impatient, as I do, and
start closing several Xy windows w/o pausing to think. It's like
an itchy trigger finger.
    My need is for 9 levels only (one for each window). If
I'm stupid enough to abort something then call a new file in the
same window and abort
THAT, but realizing I should have saved not aborted the earlier
file--well, then I deserve what I get. That's not really the
    If there is a VA for which window is being closed, I
could modify your code to SAve in window1.sav, window2.sav, etc.
Aha! A quick check of ye olde XPL User's Guide turns up VA$WN
which would seem to do it.


  Harry Binswanger