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Re: QuattroPro

WordPerfect Office includes the present incarnation of QP, so I'm pretty
sure it can READ the old files; writing I'm not so sure of, and haven't
got WP reinstalled yet.
	Though Access is a database and QP a spreadsheet, most spreadsheets can
import database files. I hate to say it, but Microsoft's Excel (about the
only decent product Gates & Co. makes) might well be able to import them
too. Furthermore, if the version of QP you're using can read dBase .dbf
files, you could export from Access, Excell, or the current QP in that
format. Or, of course, as comma- or tab-delimited ASCII files, but if
there are any blank columns, things can get skewed when doing that kind
of an import-export.
	I got XYWin going. I took all the recent configuration files of the
setup that worked and the one that didn't and did a CTRL +, CNTRL -
comparison in XyDos on them, and found that one had a reference to a fax
printer driver that hasn't been reinstalled yet, so of course the
application choked on it. That file-comparison routine is one of
the--many--GREAT things about Xy.
	Leslie, thanks for the suggestion, but 1) I cannot afford NB right now,
and 2) the ASCII-ANSI mess would infuriate me as much as it does (I
think?) Rene.